Installing the Prolost Vintage Spring 2016 Presets for Lightroom

  1. Double-click to expand it, and open the Prolost-Vintage-Spring-2016 folder.
  2. Launch Lightroom.
  3. Open Preferences (on Mac that's Lightroom → Preferences, on Windows it's Edit → Preferences).
  4. Click on the Presets tab.
  5. Click Show Lightroom Presets Folder...
  6. This will locate a folder called Lightroom. Open that to reveal the Develop Presets folder. This is the folder that you'll copy the presets into.
  7. In the folder you unzipped, open the Presets folder. There, select the +L 97 SPRING2016 Vintage folder and drag it into the Develop Presets folder.
    • On Windows, you may see an error message about "a problem preventing this folder from being encrypted." It is safe to ignore this error.
  8. Return to Lightroom and quit the app.
  9. Now launch Lightroom and go to the Develop module. You should see the +L 97 SPRING2016 Vintage preset folder in your Presets panel.