Prolost Graduated Presets
For Lightroom

User’s Guide

The presets are organized into groups. In most of the groups, the presets act together as one adjustment. Some of these graduated groups, such as Contrast, adjust only one Develop control. Others, like Dynamic Range Compression, Color Temperature II (JPEG), and Blockbuster Cyan, adjust many parameters together, making complex, powerful adjustments a simple matter.

When you hover your mouse up and down over a group of these graduated presets, you get an instant, visual preview of the adjustment in the Navigator panel. When the image looks the way you like, just click, and you've made the adjustment. You can do almost all your photo editing this way, without touching a single slider. Just see and react — exactly as you do when you're capturing the photos.


The Preset Groups


01 Color Temperature

35 Gradations

Easy visual adjustment of the color temperature of your shot. 35 gradations, with cardinal settings marked.


01 Color Temperature II (JPEG)

29 Gradations

These presets adjust multiple parameters to create a more pleasing result when adjusting the color temperature of JPEG shots.


03 Contrast

25 Gradations


14 Fade

15 Gradations